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You don't need a good reason to treat yourself to a visit to our spa. Conshy Cryo Wellness Studio in Conshohocken, PA offers treatments that can boost your mood and improve the way your body feels.

Our array of modalities can enhance your body naturally by:
Improving athletic recovery, physical performance, sleep quality, circulation, lymphatic flow, and reducing inflammation.

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Whole Body Cryo First-time Special: $30

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How will we help you relax?

A visit to our spa offers a chance to unwind and prioritize your body. When scheduling an appointment with us, you can:

Our cryotherapy services are a great way to enhance your body without taking up your entire day or going through an uncomfortable treatment process. Schedule an appointment today.

Whole Body Cryo First-time Special: $30

What makes our treatments so amazing?

Paying more attention to your body and learning how to improve it is a long journey. Oftentimes, this journey may lead you down the path of considering surgeries or invasive treatments. At Conshy Cryo Wellness Studio, you'll find a different solution. We take a holistic and integrative approach by taking all aspects of your lifestyle into consideration when addressing your concerns.

You won't have to spend any time recovering after one of our treatments. We'll have you feeling amazing and out the door as soon as your treatment is done. Reach out to us now for more information on our wellness services.

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