Whole-Body Cryo - Whole Body Cryo First-time Special: $30

Why You Should Try Whole Body Cryotherapy

Pain relief and muscle healing

Reduced inflammation

Reduced anxiety and depression

Improved athletic recovery and enhanced physical performance

Improve sleep

Increased metabolism

How It Works

After stepping into the chamber, the frigid temperatures send the body into a natural fight or flight response. As blood vessels constrict, blood is redirected away from the extremities and toward the core in order to protect the organs. The body becomes charged with oxygen and anti-inflammatory proteins, excess white blood cells are flushed out, boosting the metabolic rate. After exiting the chamber, blood vessels dilate and rush oxygen-rich blood and endorphins back through the body. To warm itself and bring it back to equilibrium, the body then undergoes a metabolic reaction that can burn up to 800 calories in the hours following the treatment.

Immerse Yourself in a Body-Boosting Experience

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How do you practice self care? Treat yourself to whole-body cryo at Conshy Cryo Wellness Studio in Conshohocken, PA.
For your comfort, we provide you with a robe, socks, crocs and gloves with our whole body cryo treatments.

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